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An Online Whole Life Insurance Quote Can Change Your Family's Future

When it comes to putting off things of importance, let's face it--life insurance ranks right up there with filing taxes and saving for your kids' college education. But unfortunately, procrastination doesn't make unpleasant chores go away; in fact, it often has seriously negative ramifications. Take taxes, for example--every year, U.S. residents pay an average of $400 million in penalties and late fees, every penny of which could be avoided if everyone would file on time. Failure to save money for college forces desperate parents to borrow nearly $13 million in federal student loans every year--and millions more from banks and private lenders. As bad as those consequences may be, they still don't compare to the potentially devastating outcome of not having a policy in place when a family's breadwinner unexpectedly passes on. Yet even though getting an online quote is quick and easy, millions of Americans continue to put it off.

Startling Statistics

While time and money are certainly factors in the procrastination associated with purchasing coverage, clearly the biggest reason--and justification--is no one expects to die. That's not to say people believe themselves to be immortal; it's just that everyone views death as something that will happen in the distant future. However, an average of 6,815 U.S. citizens pass on every day, for a total of more than 2.4 million a year. Of that number, common accidents--the number one cause of death for people under the age of 45--account for an average of 121,599 deaths. It's a safe bet that these victims also saw death as something that wouldn't occur until much later on. Which is why many of them put off getting premium estimates.

Protect Those Who Depend on You

Before putting the issue on the backburner again, take a moment to ask yourself how your loved ones would fare if you were suddenly removed from the family equation. Would they be able to handle the monthly bills? How about the mortgage? Even if you've got a healthy balance in your savings account, how long would it really last? Funeral and burial costs alone can leave a grieving family in debt for several years. The sad truth is every year hundreds of families lose their homes, vehicles and savings because they weren't prepared for their unexpected losses. Don't let your family fall victim to the same fate. Get an online whole life insurance quote and explore your options for keeping your family protected.

What's Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance, which is also known as ordinary, straight or permanent life insurance, gives you coverage for as long as you live with a fixed payment that doesn't increase as you age or as your health deteriorates. An added benefit of this type of protection is the equity you build over time turns your policy into more than just a piece of printed paper; it becomes something of value that can be redeemed for cash or used as collateral. Of course, these features pale in comparison to the policy's true purpose, which is to protect and provide for your loved ones after you're gone. Considering the peace of mind that can bring you, why hesitate when competitive pricing estimates are only a click away?

Putting off getting life insurance can have devastating consequiences, leaving your family in serious financial trouble should you unexpectedly pass on. The time to get an online whole life insurance quote is now.
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